Thursday, September 3, 2009

History of General Hydroponics

General hydroponics to many may seem like a new concept in gardening but if you were to trace back its origin, you would probably be surprised that this gardening technique actually goes all the way back to more than four thousand years ago.

Hieroglyphics from the Egyptians suggest that this culture grew plants in water. Other areas of the world also used these methods for gardening. This article will take a brief look at the history of hydroponics and the latest strides that have been made on this gardening technique today.

Historic Gardens
There are many good examples of hydroponics that have presented themselves throughout history. The word combines "hydro," meaning water with "ponos," meaning labor. This method of gardening involves growing plants in a medium other than traditional soil. The most common medium of choice in the past has been water. This is what we have typically seen throughout history.

Babylon learned how to grow plants through this method, as evidences by the hanging gardens of Babylon. The Aztecs in Mexico also used hydroponics for their gardening, as seen in their beautiful floating gardens. The Chinese have also boasted lovely floating gardens, using hydroponics to make their plants flourish. While this water growing method has been a popular one for a variety of cultures and civilizations, it has come a long way since those early water gardens.

Over the last century, scientists have tuned into the many benefits hydroponics could provide. A hydroponic system could help countries grow crops to feed their people even when there is not good soil available. This method of gardening provides larger crops with fewer pests to deal with. It is also conducive to growing larger crops in a smaller area of space, which is a huge benefit to overcrowded cities with little open space available for crops.

By the 1970's, scientists were making great stride in the world of hydroponics. They have learned how to plant and grow successful commercial crops by this method as well. This allows them to feed many people in a single place, even if conditions are not the best for gardening. Experts were beginning to realize that hydroponics could be the answer to saving the environment as well as feeding larger populations effectively.

General Hydroponics Today
Today, hydroponics is no longer limited to scientists and agricultural experts. Many gardening hobbyists have also realized the many benefits of growing plants and crops by this method. Now you can find instructions to create an easy hydroponic gardening system at home with very little startup costs. Many home gardeners also love the bumper crops they can produce using this method.

If you would like to learn more about general hydroponics, talk to someone at your local nursery or extension office. Once you collect the basic information about hydroponics, you will be on your way to growing crops in a fun and beneficial way.


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  2. I was unknown by this Hydroponics history. I like that it was found before thousands years ago in Egypt. Its good that this ancient technique is used in now a days.

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